Energy Saving Tilting Dryer
Energy Saving Tilting Dryer
Energy Saving Tilting Dryer
Energy Saving Tilting Dryer Energy Saving Tilting Dryer
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HGZ/HGD-T Series
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1.Tilting designing will make it more convenient for you to load and unload washing clothes.
2. Heat recycling and reusing system reduces the time needed in drying, which improves the working efficiency and decreased power consumption thus saving the cost.
3.The scattered heat can be collected to reduce the energy consumption, discharge capacity, steam energy consumption and alongside decrease the environment temperature.
4.This design effectively saved the floor areas of the workshop.
5.Effectively reduced the temperature in the workshop and the working environment of the workers gets improved.
6.Currently, the commonly used laundry drier consumes a large amount of steam and the scattered steam rate exceeds 40%. This not only wastes energy sources but also makes the temperature in the workshop too high for the worker to operate. Moreover, the large size of the machine occupies too many floor areas which adds the costs.
7.For this disadvantage, we Gamesail pioneers with their years' efforts have achieved breakthrough. The heat collection and recycling system with its unique designs effectively reuses the scattered steam to improve the traditional design, which greatly increases the energy consumption coefficient
8.GZZ-100T is a revised version based on the type GZZ-100G. The bottom is slantly designed to make it more convenient for operation and can improve the efficiency. Due to the possibility of inclination, in order to ensure the security, the bolts at the bottom are strongly connected with the ground foundation. Moreover, the ground foundation should be reinforced.
Type/Parameter Unit HGZ-100T/
Capacity kg 100
Diameter of the Door mm 990
Power of the Main motor kw 2.2
Power of Draught Fan kw 6.00/3.00
Electric Heating Power kw 75
Rated Voltage V 380
Steam Consumption kg 95
Steam Pressure MPa 0.4-0.6
Air Exhaust Pipe Joint mm 430
Compressed Air Joint mm 8
Boundary Dimension
Width mm 1460
Depth mm 1440
Height mm 1840
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