Automatic Towel Folder
Automatic Towel Folder
Automatic Towel Folder
Automatic Towel Folder Automatic Towel Folder
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ZDM Series
The towel folding machine of Gamesail is specially designed according to our customers’ demands. With the folding range of 1800x1200mm, the equipment can be twice-folded transversally and twice-folded vertically with altogether fourth-folding capacity. It is quite suitable for large, middle-sized and small hotels, hospitals, troops and laundry. It is the ideal towel ,shirt folding machine. Multifold design for various kinds of towels. It has high folding speed, 900 - 1500 pcs towel can be folded per hour.
Main Parts and Features
1.Integrated with speed controlling and exact positioning system, the cloth conveying system can accurately measure the length of the cloth.
2.Driving motor are controlled by frequency converter and can be continuously viable within the folding speed in 50m/min.It can match various stacker.
3.Highly intelligentized liquid crystal displaying and touching operating system can dynamically display the operating situation and can edit program according to your folding requirements. The display screen will show the information about towel size, folding size, stack position, etc.
4.With intelligentized judgment of folding standard system, it is equipped with the function of protection and alarming to ensure the high quality of folding effects.
5.Complete self-diagnosing system along with security protection system make it convenient for daily operation and maintenance.
6.Multi fold patterns meet different demands of towel folding.Transversally fold options: 1/3 fold , 1/2 fold, 1/1 fold.Vertically fold options: No fold, 1/2 fold, 1/3 fold , 1/4 fold.
Type/Parameter Unit ZDM-1800
Max folding size mm 1800L*1200W
Folding times 4
Max working speed m/min 50
Compressed Air Pressure MPa 0.6
Compressed Air Consumption m³/min 0.5
Power Kw 2
Boundary Dimension
Width mm 4500
Depth mm 2150
Height mm 1350
Weight kg 1500
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