Air China Shanghai Base Pudong Airport Laundry room was officially put into use in the fall of 2016.
The laundry room is equipped with :
6 set of 100 kg high-speed Gasbag washing machines SXT-1000FZQG,
5 sets of 100 kg energy-saving tilting dryer machine HGZ-100T,
1 set of four-roll 3.3 m steam ironing machine Y-3300IVZ,
1 set of 3.3m folding machine ZD3300 -V,
1 set of 1.5m towel folding machine ZD1500-V,
as well as supporting the packing, ironing and other equipment.

Tilting function of washing machine and dryer greatly reduces worker's labor intensity and improves the efficiency of linen cleaning. High-speed airbag shock absorption washing machineis equip with higher dehydration speed, lower moisture content of linen, reduce the subsequent linen drying and ironing time and power cost. Energy-saving dryer machine has a unique inlet air design,which recycling steam to save steam consumption.

Zhejiang Supersail machinery has been focusing on the development of energy-saving products over 20 years. Dedicated to the sake of customers, saving customers daily costs, access to obtain better market competitiveness. At the same time, we are also actively responding to the energy saving and emission reduction policies advocated by the current internation and contributing to the new manufacturing of world.
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