Supersail products face the global market. Due to restrictions on the use of steam boilers in many countries, many customers have difficulty purchasing boilers for use with laundry facilities. In response to this phenomenon, Supersail devoted to the development of a series of gas heating laundry equipment, to solve customer problems.

Mr. Lee from Malaysia bought equipment for his hotel. Due to the restrictions on the use of the boiler in Malaysia, he eventually chose to buy a full range of laundry equipment at Supersail Machinery. Including ;
2 set of 130 kg Laundry washing machine SXT-1300FZQ,
2 set of 100 kg Laundry washing machine SXT-1000FZQ,
3 sets 100 kg Gas Dryer HGQ-100,
1 set 50 kg Gas dryer HGQ-50
1 set 30 kg Gas dryer HGQ-30
1 set of two-roll 3 m Gas ironing machine Y-3300IIQ,
1 set of 3m folding machine ZD3300 -V,
1 set of 1.5m towel folding machine ZD1500-V,
as well as supporting the packing, ironing and other equipment.

The HGQ series gas dryer machine have large diameter, large leaf blade design, special air duct structure, special bladder with larger hole density and unidirection and bidirection rotation shifting function would smooth the ventilation, improve the heat exchange efficiency, quickly absorb the heat into the bladder, and shorten the drying time. Compared with congeneric products, this type of product enjoys high heat utilization efficiency and shortened the drying time by 5-10 minutes.

The YQ series gas ironing machine adopting infrared ray heater which contains composite metal net components, gas burning completely,white linens never get yellow.This structure has gotten patent.

All the Supersail gas heating machine adopting the temperature controlling system, automatic lighting system, flame testing system, flameout protection and alarming system and the indoor extractor fan linkage system to ensure the security.

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