Gas Flatwork Ironing Machine
Gas Flatwork Ironing Machine
Gas Flatwork Ironing Machine
Gas Flatwork Ironing Machine Gas Flatwork Ironing Machine
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YQ Series
Main Parts and Features
1.Safety:Automatic temperature controlling,automatic igniting,flame monitoring, flame-out protecting and alarm, indoor linkage exhaust fan and etc. ensure the gas safety.
2.Economy:15kg LPG can iron 200kg linens,it is much cheaper than electric heating type.
3.Ironing efficiency:Seamless thick rolling cylinder with high thermal storage performance makes sure the cylinder have the high heat transmission effect; our setting of wrapping angles is big making the machine ironing stably and fast.
4.Combined structure:Combined type design makes it the rolling cylinder detachable and able to upgrade into more rolling cylinder type. That makes it convenient for customers to upgrade and reduce the costs.
5.Extended bedsheet output shaft design:Bedsheet output shaft is extended,it can be assorted with folding machine directly. And it can avoid electrostatic adsorption.
6.Collapsible work table:The work table is collapsible,It’s optional and convenient for the users.
7.Stainless steel isolating linens shaft:Stainless steel materail is strong and the shaft can be used for long time compared to the plastic one.
8.Belt guiding device:The belt guiding device is made from stainless steel, wear resisting,rust-proof and do not smear linens.
9.Daily using,maintenance and lifetime:The machine can run whole day continuously.It’s easy for maintenance.If you maintain it one time every 3-4 years,the machine lifetime can be lengthen 50% more than the laundry occupation standard.
10.The drum surface finish is special treated, the ironing performance improved a lot,it is closed to chest type ironing machine.
Patent No.:201621081502.2
Type/Parameter Unit Y-3000IQ Y-3000IIQ Y-3000IIIQ
Number of Drum PC 1 2 3
Diameter of Drum mm Φ600 Φ600 Φ600
Maximum Width mm 3000 3000 3000
Maximum Speed m/min 7 13 18
Highest Temperature 160 160 160
Gas pressure kPa 4~8 4~8 4~8
LPG Consumption kg/h 4~6 8~12 11~17
Main Motor Power kW 1.1 1.5 2.2
Air-blower Fan Power kW 0.75 1.5 2.25
Exhaust Blower Fan Power kW 0.5 1 1.5
Gas pipe diameter Inch G1/2” G1/2” G1/2”
Boundary Dimension
Width mm 4380 4380 4380
Depth mm 1490 2440 3390
Height mm 1840 1840 1840
Weight Kg 1600 2900 4200
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