The hospital has a high standard of disinfection, especially in linen cleanliness.
Doctors and nurses may be exposed to the virus at any time. Blood smears sheets and clothing during surgery.

Hospital have a large number of linen every day need to be cleaned and replaced. To ensure that the ward clean and avoid cross-infection of bacteria.

According to this phenomenon, Supersail tailor-made for the hospital proper laundry equipment.

Our company's N-series barrier washers are able to meet strict sterile, dust-free, anti-static cleaning requirements. Laundry is divided into "Clean zone" and "Unclean zone" of two separate operating area by barrier wall. Dirty linens will be loaded through loading door at "Unclean zone".
After washing, the clean linens will be unloaded through unloading door at the "clean zone". Plus clean air control system, it will prevent bacteria and dust particles spread from the " Unclean zone" to "Clean zone", thus avoiding secondary pollution of clean washing and cross-infection.

Supersail N-series barrier washers, with advanced technology, reasonable structure, economic operation, convenient maintenance and excellent performance, are widely used in laundry of hospitals, food factory, bio-pharmaceutical plants and nuclear power plants where extremely strict request dust and bacteria-free environment.

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