Hotel has new arrivals everyday, so there are many bed sheets, pillowcases and towels in the room need to be changed eveyrday.

The cleanliness of the room is one of the most important criteria for a hotel's excellence.

Supersail's clients include Hilton Hotels, Courtyard and several well-known five-star hotels at home and abroad.

They are demanding on the cleanliness of linen. In this regard, Supersail for large-scale hotel needs, design a variety of cleaning equipment.

Washer extractor:
Suitable for any linen.
Built-in five sets of professional cleaning programs, different types of linen apply different cleaning programs.
Sub-grid soap box, can be for different types of linen, choose different types of soap.

Dryer machine:
Suitable for small-size linen, such as pillowcases and towels
Clean and dry hot wind make linen dry and comfortable, to ensure that the moisture content of linen control in a reasonable range without any damaging to linen.

Flat ironing machine:
Suitable for large-size linen, such as bed sheet, tablecloths and curtains.
Large linen doesn't need to use dryer, after washing in the washer extractor, directly use ironing machine.
The liner is put in the front of the ironing machine, and iron by hot roller, will become flat and dry.

Flat fold machine:
Suitable for use with ironing machine
Folding machine is placed at the exit of the ironing machine and the linen flows directly to the folding machine guide belt.
The sheets can be folded into twice-folded transversally and third-folded vertically.

Towel fold machine:
Towel can be twice-folded transversally and twice-folded vertically with altogether fourth-folding capacity.
Multifold design for various kinds of towels. It has high folding speed, 900-1500 pcs towel can be folded per hour.

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