Laundry plant
Laundry plant
Laundry plant

Zhejiang Supersail is the industry leader in industrial and commercial laundry equipment with a full line of industrial washers, dryers, ironers, folders and dry cleaning machines. Backed by the most trusted names in the industry Supersail offers a complete line of industrial laundry equipment to fit any laundry demands.
Supersail can provide various solutions for hospital,hotel,laundry,garments manufacturer,railway,airport and etc.

We can make most economical and professional proposal for clients.Provide detailed solutions with machine capacity,laundry layout and installtion suggestion.
Here we enclosed Standard laundry shop, 200 rooms hotel and laundry plant proposal for reference.

laundry plant.(10t/day laundry, 16hours/day)
2pcs 130kg washer extractor
4pcs 100kg washer extractor
1pc 50kg washer extractor
1pc 25kg washer extractor
4pcs 100kg dryer machine
2pcs 50kg dryer machine
1pc 30kg dryer machine
1pc Triple roller ironing machine
1pc Double roller ironing machine
2pcs Folding machine

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