Why Us
Why Us
Zhejiang Supersail not only have good quality machines but also have great service system and competitive price.Supersail promise to do our best to be your trustworthy partner.

SuperSail always adhere to the concept of technology oriented. We not only have more than twenty years of design experience, but also have an internationally renowned expert technician in the field of washing equipment.Through learning advanced international and domestic experience and technology, we constantly improve the technical content of products.Through learning from advanced international technology,we have developed a series of products with its own characteristics. This type of machine enjoys the superiority of advanced designs, low energy consumption, shorter washing period and will lead an industrial innovative trend.

Supersail focus on providing customers with all-round, high-quality integrated services, set up a high theoretical level and practical skills of the technical team, set up a dedicated customer service center and washing Technology Training Center for the vast number of users from the program design, equipment selection, store design, technical training to the implementation of the project, After-sales service and other complete solutions and timely technical services, formed a better technical support and customer service system.

Competitive Price:
Since its inception, we have attached great importance to sustainable development. Always uphold the concept of long-term mutual benefit with partners to achieve the common goal of sustainable development. We always adhere to the cost-effective industrial washing equipment, in ensuring excellent quality at the same time has a very competitive price.That best answer why we enjoy great popularity in our customers.

The leading technical strength and perfect quality inspection system are the two cornerstones of our operation. SuperSail attach great importance to product quality, with the industry's first-class technical team to provide technical support for products to establish the industry's first-class quality as the goal, establish the concept of scientific development, formulated a strict quality management norms. Has ISO9001 international chain management System, the European Union CE certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification certificate. Our products have excellent performance, low failure rate, long service life and excellent quality.

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