About Us
About Us
We are SuperSail,the leading provider of clean health products and solutions.Our company provides services to customers dozens of countries.Our greatest  advantage  comes  from honest  and  reliable traditions,  which can be traced back to the 2002.  Today,  personal loyalty has been integrated into the corporate culture.We are committed to winning your trust and carrying forward this tradition at all times. Our commitment is to provide you with all solutions that ensure your facilities are safe, clean and efficient, not just quality products and services.Because ultimately your trust in us is not determined by the products we sell, but by our company itself.
As our company has continued to evolve over the years,  the values expressed in This We Believe continue to define our company and how we do business.They serve as a promise to people to whom we are responsible and whose trust we continually seek to earn.

Located in the Jiaxing Zhejiang,a beautiful city in china,Zhejiang SuperSail washing machine CO.,LTD owns many factory buildings,covering an area of 40000 square meters.
Founded in early 2002,put into operation in 2004,We built a new factory in 2017, with years’ efforts,we have developed a variety of machine series including water washing,drying,ironing,dry cleaning and other related auxiliary equipment,making the total variety exceeding 70.We are capable of providing diversified solutions to our customers to meet their different needs.
Our SuperSail attaches great importance to the innovation and development of technology,the advantage of which comes as our core competence.We have a superior engineering and technique team,among which are our own technicians with over 20 years’ professional designing experience and world renowned experts in designing washing machines.Our technicians are always organized to be abroad to exchange views and learn from internationals of the most advanced technology and industrial trend in a bid to be the forerunner in this field.
In  century,the development trend of technology is energy-saving.Keeping pace with this trend,we SuperSail have invested a lot in developing products of energy-saving series,In the year 2011,2013 and 2014,we respectively launched the energy-saving series products of drying machine,washing machine and ironing machine,we will continue to exert ourselves to innovate and design better products for the contribution to protecting our mother-earth.
SuperSail will always be in the pioneering spirits of high level,large scale,sound quality and high technology to meet customers’ needs with more advanced,more energy-saving and more professional products.
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